• How does Krystal get ready to read a client?

      I meditate and call in my “team”. My team are my Guides, Ancestors, and Angels that give me the messages to pass on to my clients, or rather ‘my new friends’.


      How should YOU get ready for a reading?

      Get centered either through meditation or prayer. Set your intention, be clear on what you are looking to achieve. If you have a loved one who has transitioned ask that person to come into the reading.


      How do I book a reading with you?

      Click the BookedIn button and choose a time that is available, then confirm your appointment by clicking the PayPal button to choose the type of reading you are wanting and make the payment. Once the payment is received I will send you an email confirming your date and time and asking if you take sugar or honey in your tea.  At this time I am not in a position to accept walk-ins. You can book “last minute/same day readings” online using the BookedIn Button. Payment must be received before your appointment is confirmed. If you are using an E-check, that takes about 7-10 days to clear (so schedule your appointment 7-10 days out.

      Appointments are held for 24 hours for payment. If payment is not received within 24 hours of booking, the appointment is cancelled.

      What about phone readings?

      Phone readings are treated just like face-to-face readings. Just be sure to select the “phone reading” option when checking out. Be sure of the time and that you will be in a quiet space for about 45 minutes. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, please email me krystal@bridgingworldswithkrystal.com to let me know at least ONE hour before your scheduled time.

      Please, no speakerphones. No matter how quiet the room is, the echo makes it hard to hear.

      At the appointed time, I will call you. If you don’t answer the first time, I will wait five minutes and call you again. After that, the reading is considered a no-show. No-show means no refund.

      Once the reading is done, I will email you a picture of the cards.

      Do you do Group Card Readings or House Parties?

      Absolutely! Here’s the thing: In order for me to do a house party I need all payment upfront. House parties are different, so I do 15-min readings for $30.00. I need to know the following:

      -The time and place of the party?

      -How many people?

      -If alcohol is being served, I prefer to read before people start imbibing.

      -I need a quiet room with two chairs and a table, good lighting, and something to drink (either bottled water or a cup of tea. I don’t drink while on duty.)

      -If more people come than originally stated I will only take cash.

      What about cancellations/refunds?

      A scheduled appointment is an agreement between you and me. Your payment is confirmation. But sometimes life happens. In case you cannot make an appointment, let me know at least ONE hour before via email (krystal@bridgingworldswithkrystal.com). I am happy to reschedule you. Once the reading is paid for, it is non-refundable.

      Do you do readings via Skype or FB Video?

      Absolutely!! I treat it like a phone reading. Book online (choose Phone Reading), pay via PayPal, I will email you a confirmation and ask you for your Skype Name. Same with the phone readings, I will call you twice with a five-minute interval. No answer is a no-show.

      If the connection is crappy, we can reschedule or use ONE other option.

      Is there anything else I should know?

      Be open to the experience! I have no problem with any of my clients recording their reading or taking pictures of the reading once it is complete.

      **Any Psychic advice is not intended as a substitute for medical, mental, law and/or any health assistance. If you are in a medical or legal crisis please consult an appropriately trained medical or legal professional. **

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